Wednesday, 25 August 2010

MoRe MeGaPiXeLs, BeTtEr CaMeRa??

Not necessarily!! If you find that pictures from your 10 megapixel camera phone doesn't s tack up against those from your pal's lower megapixel count digital SLR camera, here's why..

How a digital camera works?? Light lands on a sensor where pixels collect light and convert it into data.. The more pixels packed onto a sensor, the higher image resolution.. The sensor size and pixels in a mobile phone is way smaller than the sensor found in DSLR camera - bigger sensors have bigger light-catching pixels.. To achieve a high resolution, camera phone makers pack as many tiny pixels as they can onto tiny sensors.. The pixels in these point-and-shoots are not the same as the high-quality pixels found on DSLR cameras..

When you taking pictures at night under low light source with your camera phone, a lot of heat is created which is one of the ways "noise" is generated.. Not the audio sort, but it's the rainbow-coloured random grains you sometimes see in pictures taken in a dim setting.. A lower megapixel count with a bigger sensor on the other hand will produce cleaner images.. Advanced digital models tone down the grains with noise reduction functions, a feature you normally won't find on a camera phone..

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