Thursday, 19 August 2010

GrEeN-EaTiNg LiNgO DeCoDeD!!

Label-reading is an important process to picking out our food.. And if you're getting onto the enviro-friendly band of eating, here's a little guide to make food-picking a lil' easier!!

Grass-fed :
Meat that 100 percent grass-fed

Pastured or pasture-raised :
It usually means that an animal has roamed grassy field throughout its life..

Natural :
Regulated for meat and poultry, signals that no artificial ingredients have been added to the produce..

Organic :
No pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, antibiotics or growth hormone has been used in meat and dairy product..

No hormone administrated :
An unverified certification that an animal has never been fed with hormones in its lifetime..

No antibiotics administration :
Another unverified term that aims to tell you the meat or poultry has not been given any antibiotics..

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