Tuesday, 10 August 2010

EvErYdAy hAiR CrImEs

Quit blaming the weather for your erratic hair behaviour.. You may want to check your styling habits first..

TOO MUCH HAIR PRODUCT makes your hair limp and greasy.. So instead of just applying the dollop on top of your head, rub it between your palms first before spreading it on to your strands..
BLOW DRYING AT CLOSE RANGE will damage locks and cause flyaways.. Before you start, apply a thermal protector and angle the dryer towards the direction of hair growth at least four inches away from your hair.. It helps create a smoother finish..

RUBBING YOUR HAIR DRY with a towel can cause frizziness, tangles even breakage.. To dry gently, simple wrap damp hair turban-style for a couple minutes before blotting it dry.. DON'T RUB, just pat dry..

IF YOUR HAIR IS DAMP, stay away from the brush which can rip out your hair.. Use wide-tooth combor rake with your lovely fingers..

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