Monday, 23 August 2010

HoW tO RiNg-FeNcE YoUr ReLaTiOnShIp


1- Sort out the guidelines with your new man before your relationship starts to get serious.. Make sure you share common values, friendship being one of them of course..

2- Discuss how your relationship should be prioritised.. What's the pecking order in term of time and energy spent alone as a couple ang with each other's mates??

3- Make it clear to your friends that, although you need private time, you value them and that they're important..

4- Agree that if a relationship problem occurs, you work it out between the two of you and not escape into friends as a solution..

5- No matter how busy or entwined your life becomes, set a routine time for a 'date' with each other exclusively. On the date, ask each other "how are you?? how are you really??" This should keep the relationship on a healthy keel and successfully ring-fenced..

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