Thursday, 19 August 2010

HoW tO MoVe On AfTeR 1St DaTe DiSaStEr

Whether you had period stain, farted or accidentally pushed your food out of your plate; here's how to get over the disaster..

Step 1 : Ask yourself if you like the guy.. If you do, move on to step 2.. If not, then bravo on your disastrous acts!!

Step 2 : Call your nearest or dearest friend to dissect the details of the evening.. You may find out that everything else went well and realise it wasn't bad after all minus the your moment of shame..

Step 3 : Think how the date ended.. Paying attention whether it will be a second date or skid marks on the road..

Step 4 : Act as nothing is happened and don't wait for his call..

Step 5 : If he doesn't call, it's not meant to be.. But maybe practise some table poise you will succeed on you next date..

Good luck.. (^^)

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