Saturday, 21 August 2010

MiNd gYm

Memory tricks to help you retain what you learn and need to remember..

Memorising your dairy : at the end of each day so that you also keep the information in your head..

Reinforcing information : when you learn something new, writing it down in point form will help you remember it as will repeating the pivotal points out loud..

Visual cues : e.g. take a mental snapshot of the bright yellow house and the four big trees on the corner, to help you remember how you got to your friend's house..

Reading the index : when reading a book, if there is an index look at it first so you get an idea of what's in it and how the topics relate..

Make melody or chant : e.g. memorise your boyfriend's cell number by singing it to the tune af a song you like..

Memory prompts : if you have to remember short shopping list, then construct a little story to boost association.. e.g. your list of milk, cheese, magazines, chocolate and strawberries might become : There was a cow with a cheese head and chocolate body.. When he read magazine stories, strawberry milk came out of his eyes.. the funnier or stranger it is, the easier it will be to remember..

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