Sunday, 22 August 2010

HiGhWaY hYpNoSiS

Highway hypnosis is the state of mind you enter after driving on a long straight road for long period of time.. You know that moment when your subsconcious mind seems to do all the road handling while your concious mind think of something else.. That's when you enter this hypnotic state of driving..

It is extremely dangerous and in order to keep highway hypnosis at bay, use the following tips..

- do not eat heavy meals before leaving, as these induce sleepiness..

- keep your window open and your car sufficiently uncomfortable to protect angainst cosiness..

- stop every two or three hours for refreshment..

- talk to your passengers..

- keep your eyes moving and check your rear view mirrors often (at night set your mirror for night driving)..

- look at all the road signs and traffic around you..

- don't try to drive too far in one day..

- don't drive during your sleeping hours..

- if you feel the onset at any symptoms, get off the road as soon as possible!!

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