Friday, 30 July 2010

OuR fAvOuRiTe LiEs

There are all kinds of lies, fibs and fakes!!
It happens all the time if you realize it or not it..

The bold-faced (barefaced)
Told when it is obious that it is a lie.
e.g : " No, I was not eating ice-cream, " with spot of chocolate surprise on chin..

An euphemism that describes a lie told to children in order to make an uncomfortable subject more palatable to them.
e.g : " We order babies from a website over the Internet.. "

White Lie
A white lie would be harmless if it were discovered and is usually beneficial to the liar, hearer or both.
e.g : " No, you are NOT fat.. "

Noble Lie
A lie that would cause harm is discovered but for which the benefits outweigh the risk by virtue of it serving a greater good.
e.g : " I am NOT angry with you.. "

Emergency Lie
A lie to protect a third party from grievous harm.
e.g : "No, Mum, I was not with my boyfriend last night.."

Half Truth
A lie that misrepresents the truth by only giving part of the facts.
e.g : " I'm going to the movies with Janice, " neglecting to mention that the cute boy from next door will be there, too..

Exaggeration the truth to make things seem more or less favourable.
e.g : " I scored nearly 100% on my mathematics exam.. " when in fact you scored closer to 80%..

Jocose Lies
A lie thet everyone understands to be in jest..
e.g : " I'm having breakfast with the Prime Minister in the morning.. "

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