Sunday, 5 September 2010

ThE pRoFiLe oF a MoIsTuRiSeR

Some of the stuff that goes into a common moisturiser..

These substances absorbs water from the air and bind moisture to the skin.. They are useful ingredients in lotions used for softening thickened or scaly skin..

Emollients are either oil-based or water-based.. Oil-based emollients leave a slight residue on the skin and have more staying power while water-based ones are easier to apply and don't leave much a residue.. However, these light-textured creams may not have much staying power..

Any product, not just moisturiser, that has water or oil contain preservatives to help prevent bacterial contaminations after it's opened.. Some preservatives can cause skin reactions, which is why several beauty brands have developed preservatives-free products.. Nonetheless, be sure to test all products on yout wrist before applying them to your face..

Fragrances are often included to help mask the smell of other ingredients in a product.. Some fragrances can cause skin irritations or allergies.. However, not all fragrances are bad.. Some beauty brands have been known to harness the effects of scents to help promote an overall sence of weel-being, which could even lead to more calmed skins..

Many moisturisers these days contain vitamins, plant extracts and other exotic ingredients.. The moisturisers in Chanel's Hydramax+ Active range contain a patented ingredient from the Carob tree fruit to optimise the epidermis natural moisturising factors..

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