Monday, 20 September 2010

CoLoUr cOdE

Want to know which colours to choose for your crib, wardrobe and dressing table?? Then here's what you need to know about the most common colour shades :

little black dresses
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Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner from Bobby Brown

Petula Heel in Black from Baby Phat

Black absorbs light but reflects nothing back so it can be seen as hard but also dramatic and classic..

Martha Stewart Collection Soft Grip Blue Utensils
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Susan Farber Hot Clutch
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Blue can help to stimulate intellectual thought and contemplation - it is also a soothing and serene colour so it maybe useful for de-stressing..


Michelle Mason Cushion in green
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etsy very green earrings
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Green promotes a sense of balance, nature and stability.. It also thought to aid digestion..

purple GHD hair straighteners

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Purple is linked to fertility, creativity and matters with spiritual meaning..

pink ribbon soap
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pink bathroom ideas
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Pink has the obvious associations with softness and feminity.. It is also linked to security, because of memories of being in the pinkness of your mother's womb..

orange box

orange sofa
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Orange is linked to emotions such as constancy, reassurance and warmth..

red tulip candle stem
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red shoes

Red is a colour of passion, energy and optimism but don't overdo it as it can be overpowering..

White iron bed
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Longitech V470-white mouse

White is purity and cleanliness.. Tranquility and harmony are some of the sensations that white inspires..

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Yellow is a good colour for kick-starting your creativity - yellow is cheerful and invigorating..

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