Sunday, 5 September 2010

JuMp-StArT tUtOrIaL

Don't panic if you experience a flat battery.. All you need is a pair of jumper cables, a good car with working battery and this jump-start knowledge to get your car moving again..

1. Check is your battery is faulty
If it is leaking or cracked, DO NOT jump-start your car..

2. Face engine with engine but not in direct contact
Switch off the engine, turn off the lights, radio and other accessories of both cars..

3. Locate the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals on both batteries and take out your jumper cables then attach them in this order :
a) one positive end (red) on your dead battery's positive terminal, then the other positive end to the other car's positive battery terminal..
b) one negative end (black) on the other car's negative battery terminal, then the other negative end to any unpainted metal surface of your engine such as a nut, blot or bracket to reduce sparks when the jump-start takes place.. NEVER attach it to the negative terminal of your dead battery.. Chances are the battery will explode!!

4. Switch on the engine of the other car and let it idle for five minutes to recharge your dead battery.. Then switch on your engine and there goes the vroom!!


Neezhom Photographic said...

Salaam. Tips yang sensasi! very nice share ;)

Wahida Nasution Thakhrim said...

w'salam.. ada baca kat majalah dan tanya pada ayah.. jadi boleh la untuk dikongsi bersama..