Tuesday, 21 September 2010

HoW tO LoOk PiC-PeRfEcT!!

Calling all cam-addicts!! Whether you're a closet case or unabashedly one, let's admit it - everyone cares about looking good in pictures.. Here are four powerful tips on how to always look picture-perfect!!

1- Avoid nude lips as camera flashes can make you look like the walking dead.. Rich shades such as berry look more flattering on everyone..

2- When taking outdoor pics, wait until dusk as shadows lessen.. This way, the bags under your eyes are less obvious..

3- Don't over-style your hair.. One with movement looks much sexier than stiff ones..

4- For a genuine-looking smile say "MONEY".. Basically anything which ends with an "E" sound makes your lips go up and adds happy crinkles to your eyes..

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